Monday, September 7, 2015

Blazing Saddles Part 3

The 7 September 'Duathlon'

Sujit was up at 4AM. I lazed thinking, “ We have 2 Bathrooms in 9 people. It was going to take time.”

I had couple of Bananas as Fuel for the 21km run and other obvious reasons.
It worked like a charm.

5 of us crammed in an Auto to reach the marathon start point.
It seemed like too many people per square meter. People were running around doing warm up. Some were religiously doing stretches.

We joined the queue. Sujit was lucky to get into ‘A’ section. Umesh and I joined the exodus of section C. After the start of the marathon, it took us almost 4-5 mins to get to the start line. So many people ahead of me..not moving fast enough. I hate to walk but as a descendant of section C Few of us did not have a choice.

It was not a very eventful run. I remember that I started running and dodging at times run on gravel as the path was taken by the shod. It was good to See Jeetu Running Strong with 2 km bus. Few other Freerunners were doing great, as well.

On way down, I made real good progress. As the crowd got sparse I took the chance to cover up lost ground by running in sprints and a deeper breathing to cool fast. I soon reached 3 km to goal and met Nikhil’s 2:30 Bus. I ended the affair with a final sprint. When I reached it was 2:28 past gun time.. I lost 4 mins to reach the start line so it may be 2:24. Not bad at all considering the effort on earlier day.

However, now was the crucial time to relax, as there was a bigger ordeal in the wait. As soon as Bhari and Ashish finished their run we went to a hotel to have a quick bite. Later to the lodge to have a quick bath. On came the Bib shorts the Tee and the helmet. Soon we were weaving our way out of Satara.

We were cycling back to Pune in terrible heat  at 11AM.At the start there was less wind and I cursed. On the highway there was a  Lot of headwind and I am no cyclist. The marathon now seemed like a easier deal.

Few Marathoners cheered us on our way back. (The Cheer lasts for a few pedals at higher torque.)
Oh Yes.. Height of the day was riding thru the Khambatki tunnel and an inviting slope to Shirwal.

Unfortunately when we reached Kamat hotel somewhere later than Shirwal..after .. bridge across the river Nira.. I was Extremely tired and started yawning on the cycle. (Perhaps, I am still not built to wake up at 4AM on two consecutive days)
I took a ride till the start of the Katraj ghat and gave up on my plan of inflicting myself with more pain.

I rode the ghat to Kondhwa for little consolation. The heat had died by then and my sleepyness had vanished. I wish I had not yielded to 26 km of give up.
..Sujit Kolke and Umesh completed the ordeal with an added ride up Chandani Chowk. The men of Steel who go by a fewer words, that have chased me to find a better myself.

The next day I am back at work with full energy, with absolutely no cramps or leg pain, I am planning for an run at evening. The bike event + marathon are cross training activities that can get the better part of you.

I would not advice cross training to other horses. But they will surely find it out when they try.

Sujit and Umesh With Bhari

PTC and Ex- PTC With Rafiq Somani

With Ashish Arora

The long Long way to home