Sunday, August 28, 2011

A never ending story

After placing the Surround sound Speakers, I had an ugly wire running between the speakers. 
The thought of hiding it behind a large canvas painting started 4 years ago.

The Three men in a boat was not large enough (36”X24”). 
So I visited an art store to order for a 6feet by 2 feet large canvas. 
Which means Two Squares side by side. The canvas arrived on a tempo. Meanwhile, I beefed up my supply of paints, Turpentine and linseed oil.
The first thing that came to mind was the famous Michaelangelo painting from Sistene Chapel.
Male nudism did not fit into my living room. (Or so I thought..)

The next thought was my all time favorite The Swan lake ballet. I clipped few snaps from the DVD, played around in Twisted Brush to fit frames and images.

The first one looked like a Stage backdrop and I was soon bored with it.

The next one was from act 2.. Somehow, it still did not portray my appreciation for the Moscow Ballet. I felt it missed out the evil sorcerer.. and so Introduced him.
 (Uhh ..Ohh.. I lost the sorcerer stage image..)
The painting was getting real bad. I searched on the web for Ballet pics. Found a ballet dancer wearing her shoes. I saw determination on her face. She was a bit old to be a dancer, so I introduced her 'dreams' of free dancing.
For few months, the void on the wall was filled.(Or so I thought!)

Slowly and surely, I started detesting the images in the background though the main character was still appealing. The image of the ballet dancer evaporated and I bought acrylic putty to wipe out the entire image. Lot of disapproval, as, many had liked the ballet dancer, including Ila.

I felt that the room needed something fresh. 
I played around with the idea of another digital painting called "Psychedelic dream". It is is still on my comp. As I tried to paint this on the canvas with results that were far from the digital one.
I also thought (digitally) about the Sun and chariot image. Apollo was weaker than the Hindu Sun god by 3 horse power.

After I get back from work something that would seem pleasant. The canvas took a coat of Acrylic paints this time. A painting lovely to look at, not such a work of skill from my view, as it looked like any other Chinese painting. It surely was well appreciated. But isn’t all easy to digest stuff, easily acclaimed?

The painting was on my wall till a month ago, I got thoroughly bored from the look of it.
There was a Black tape running along the border and I started pulling it off. Ila and the kids were amused. Perhaps they lived with the painting for a longer time than me.

What’s life without a change?

Here is the last one in stages (Last one? Or so I thought 2 hours ago).
The painting has almost 5 paintings underneath. I guess I need to buy a new canvas next time I get bored. J

Stage 1
Stage 2

The second female did not fit.

Yet another weekend to refine the first and give a thought to the "other".

The "other girl" looked too Mongolian and I undertook the task to give her a face lift.

In future it has enough ‘paint’ for thought; for a critic.