Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fear gives wings

A pigeon adamantly lay eggs in one of the empty Garden pots in my balcony, after many efforts to shoo it. We did not have the heart to throw the eggs away ,so we let it live and make a mess.
We risked the germs/ infection and let them coo.
Two young birds emerged..The mother fed, the father ran away as soon as anyone ventured into the balcony. The mother was, perhaps, sure that we would not go against her. Her kids began to exercise the legs to take the body weight. No! they could not fly or hop.
The vessel of water used to get dirty and it was replaced every day. It has been a 40deg+ Celcius everyday.

One day disaster strikes. As Ila ventured into the balcony, one of the chicks was slaughtered to deeath by a crow. The other one could not be seen but it stood underneath the iron frame, shit scared.Would not even chirp.
The dead sibling was dispersed. We kept a watch on the crows to avert the fate of the remaining one in our maternity home. Law of nature..Human intervention..We pitied the poor remnant.
Its parents came and went every now and then. To move the kid from its place meant sure death.

The kid started moving around the balcony. It tried to hop to the ledge, but was not strong enough. it probably forgot the peril or maybe it learned a lesson..Its hiding place was not safe.

One evening, I went to the balcony and the kid was not in the usual place. Ila told me that he had flown.
It was a great relief ..not to witness another massacre. God spared one, via Fear. Fear gave wings. The chick developed rapidly in 4-5 days to make the dared flight.

The mess was cleaned and we removed all empty pots. The guano was used to plant another sapling. No empty pots!  The mother came to have a look and I could see the surprise on her  face. She could not believe the transformation.

Few days ago, I looked at the parapet and there was a smaller bird peeking at me. Its feathers, were more fresh than others, not the strange black hair anymore.
It then showed off its flight.

Fear does give wings..The chick worked on it to be strong like the parents, it would not live otherwise.

The pot of water attracts birds. And yesterday a strange thing happened.

The crow was croaking with its legs at odd angles to the balcony grill. I was within a meter, but it did not budge. It looked at me with neck turned and again croaked. I was spell bound and I asked " if all was well. I have kept water for you."
The crow took flight..perhaps it had conveyed all that was there to talk about.

Perhaps, it is the same crow who warned me once of a Orange Fruit bat sucking flower nectar on one of the tall trees.
At least, it was as talkative and trying to get a dialog with me. yes .. This guy does try to connect!