Monday, August 10, 2015

Who are you trying to impress?

If I ask this question to myself, today, I still observe that I post my "news" on social media. I still do not live completely to impress myself.
The day I will..I will be completely free and self sufficient.
For starters.. the kindergarten kid tries to impress his friend, so that s/he can share his pack of Wafers.
Few "bright ones" know that Impressing the teacher will fetch a "star". S/he understands that the gleam of the star will get him/her more acclaim.
A back bencher knows that there are other ways to get attention. He becomes the class bully.
The girl with grey eyes whispers to her mates. She has already started propaganda against the "Stars".
Each of above, have different ways, (and different people), to Impress.
In years to come the way they "succeed" in their life, will be different from each other.
You know who is who! It is all in the resume.
The guy is looking for exceptional rating and quick promotions at work.
There is no option but not to succeed.Will give a fight for a grade. Will compare performance with others.
In pursuit of impressing and maintaining his/her credibility,s/he loses touch with the ground reality.
The ability to cope with difficult situations where learning through failure is imperative is lost.
But this is not a white collar job that needs a high profile candidate such as him/her.
You see the guy with a thick gold chain? the one who is riding the "Bullet" em- ech- 12- AA-007.
Yeah ..Mr Bond is talking with his business friend..The one with Skoda illegally parked in No park Zone.
Bending rules has always been the way. Traffic adjusts to suit.
He rose to the level of a Politician and a builder.
The high profile woman, now heads an NGO. Everyone knows what she has done for charity. Well in touch with who's who of the city. So well "connected".
What happened to few other kids is a mystery!
There is a loner in the class who does not give a damn to the "stars" or the teacher or the back benchers; does not like to be nagged and gives away his wafers to be left alone. S/he is in a different world thinking about him/herself and what next should be done. People do not like this loner as s/he is never "impressed" by the teacher or by Sharp bright kids or rumours or the bullies.
There were many such kids who (only) impressed themselves. They did not need coaching. They were true to their own dreams.