Tuesday, August 20, 2013

World Photography Day

My Journey was not an easy one.

..Zenit FX in 1986 (1.5 kg with 50mm lens) Great camera under 1000INR. (Sold it at same cost :))

..Olympus OM10 in 1988. (INR 7000) (My worst camera. Shutter malfunction at Sub Zero. Fully automatic- Battery Operated. Manual adapter was SHIT)

..Nikkormat 1992 (INR 12000) Antique mechanical camera with 35-70 Vivitar lens) Exposure meter did not work but I relied on my judgement. Fault? The silver coat on prism chipped off right near the focus.

..NIKON FM10 -1998 (Great camera)- INR 10000. I kept the above Vivitar lens. Bought a 70-180 lens (Quataray)..
ERA of Digital Cameras begins.

..Fujifilm S5000.-2004?? (3 MP )-INR 6000 Beauty

..Nikon D40X-INR 38000 ??2008?? :)) (Funny?) Still Have it and it satisfies me.
..28-200 VR (Japan make) lens (??38000??)..

I caught this crowd of gents at different ages at Nagoya.

Cost of film- Developing-Waiting for results after a month of photography in Mountains, were the pains many of us lived with. Amount of money spent those days..Humongous. Unreliable Cameras ..often shopped from Streets of FORT, Mumbai..trying to get best bargain that suits the pocket.

A new generation photographer will never understand the pain..Instant results! I could write a longer paragraph on Music systems and cassettes. LOL

Electronics got just too cheap.
Onions got costly.