Friday, January 2, 2015

The Hike

Pavan smelled the crisp wintery wind. There were chirps from the bushes. He could smell the grass and the foliage. A clear blue sky above beckoned him to climb higher. It was a short scramble up some rocks through a narrow fifty feet gully and he would reach the top of the plateau.
Inside the gully, he realized that the 'moves' were now, just illusions inside the mind, more like artifacts that did not exist in reality. The fluency was lost during actual action. Perhaps, the layers of Fat around the waist were too constraining.

He mused, "It is same with everything that is stored in the mind. It is an archive of past achievements. People brood over them and feel good about them. Achievements are time bound. What had happened was a story. What is their real worth now! Are they still as good?"

He was out of practice. At the top of the rock chimney, he sank into the grass and waited for his friends.
It was a reunion of couple of old friends and the venue was a deserted not much visited hill that would serve as a one day hike. It was almost 5 years since his last trek. This small trip was paying for the lost years.

People change. Mountains are forever!

“Well …almost till humans wipe the hills out to construct and re-architect what they think the world ought to be”, He winced at the negativity of the thought.
Helplessness was becoming a routine.

The rule abiding citizen is worst affected when he sees them bent and broken by everyone around!

He had a rebellious nature but yet, he liked to live by the rules!
He had always mused over this contradiction. 
As he lay in the grass, he thought about it again.

He was silent, when things were forced on him. He had not challenged logic and rebelled at that juncture, perhaps, because he was not listening at all or perhaps he was wandering finding holes in the logic.
He felt maimed, when the talkers ruled the conversation, emphatically forcing their thoughts. How could they talk fast without giving much thought to the end results? Were they solving a problem at all or creating new ones? The most obstinate person would consume maximum time in the meeting and press upon his agenda. 
The meeting was all about personal agendas.
He remembered the impasse at a rail crossing. He would wait on the left side of the road in patience. Beefy Traffic would pile on the wrong side of the road. The same would happen on the other side of the crossing.

Would it result into an impasse? 

However things always worked out in India though it took a bit more time. The traffic resolved the impasse by itself. 
Just like the most talkative and overruling person, the guys on the wrong side got ahead of him. This was same as stripping off the rights of a rule abiding citizen.

He was losing respect for his peers. His silence was not adding value either. He felt desolate and helpless. 
In a mail, he had replied back to all with his afterthought. The agenda was set and this afterthought became a nuisance to everyone. He scorned at his inability to make a change for good.

He heard voices of his hostel friends and he was back to reality. They had approached the chimney. He got back to the top of the chimney to guide them up.
He had found the answer. 
People who speak about rules, spin propaganda or force them down the chain will also be the first to break them, create propaganda and show why an exception had to be made.
It is because they only know how to talk, create problems and then show how they should be solved.

Problems exist with humans. They rise and set with humans.