Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Traffic survival lessons- Making impressions through License plate numbers

1 ) PLATE 1111 or 1234 = Owner forgets numbers OR has too many vehicles..(Hackers should try this sequence to crack bank account or password)

2) PLATE in Marathi (or other "local" language)= स्वाभिमान ..(self esteem / Son of the land)
I hope you never get into an argument with this person esp if you are not a native. He prefers to twist a rule to his taste. Rules specify that the name plate should be in English. The owner feels his mother tongue should be respected over English
If you meet one be a roman and appreciate 'rule of the land".

3) NAME PLATE NUMBER in Units (i.e. 1 in place of 0001)
Do not bother numero uno. You are dirt to him. He paid for a unique number.
He shall pay for any rule that he breaks. Please also check his jewelry.
Do not mess ..Make way for them.
Check the name plate of the car driving in opposite lane against traffic (or at railway crossings). High chance it is one of above.

4) Bit hard to make out: Numbers Influenced by Numerologists
I see these  Lack confidence. Usually seen during driving.

# 2 has bent the rule but he could be better choice to talk with in case of dispute.
I have learned that any of above + SKODA / SUVs/ Pulsars/ 500 cc bikes is a deadly combination to mere humans.

Did you feel several puffs of exhaust on your face or is it just me?
(Well.. It was intended when the bike was purchased.)
You do not want to mess with chariots of fire. (And their charioteers) . Would  you?

My family Physician calls them ' Maut ke saudagar'. (Merchants of Death)
With that said, I should wear a helmet for protection.

I forget what my number is. DUH?

To owners of 1, 2,3 I hope it was funny
Goes with..'Does not depict characters in real life 'etc etc.

Next day morning:

Just got overtaken by a Lady Charioteer in a Mitsubishi..I veered to the left after I looked at the number in my rear view mirror.. It was 4680..
Considering all 'Odds' (mine is 7151 if I remember correctly ) I could read through Lady Charioteer's mind sequence (Increasing numbers= Acceleration).
She was fully empowered (only till the next traffic signal) where even "mere" cyclists can avenge (in silent fervor).

I always Wonder..What is the gain in such a Power showoff.