Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thinking like Minority

It is not obvious to think like ‘a minority’, if you have never changed your circumstances.

To be A “minority” you may have to travel away from “native” land OR mingle with different crowd than you are used to.

Try to change your lunch table for starters.
You may then understand better, how people around react to you, and if, you get on guard for things, that may not be offensive to the native.
Do you end up in more situations when you felt “discarded”? Do you think more often if it is Color or Gender bias. Did you give a thought why you are thinking so?

There is lot to learn from our own reaction. Travel is key to simulating the required environment.

“Minority” connects well to create “community” (I call it as gluing of ostracised  people) and there on, everything is fair in religion and politics.

To Think like Minority is clue to many things for a politician.
But  the clue to your own existence is Individualism which means breaking the Majority Minority thingie.

Try to change things around and feel the difference. (You do not have to "like" this but genuinely try this out for yourself.)

Perhaps you will respect a Non Native guy for daring to have moved out of his land for work and you may "dare" to move to his. Most choose to build a community to protest against such "outsiders".