Saturday, May 13, 2017

The notion of "Truth" and "Hard facts"

Still confused about the period of Ramayana- Mahabharat while reading Devdutt Patnaik, Buddhism and Jainism started well before?!  I thought Mahabharat as 2000BC. There is an aspect of Time bloating when we search in past + there are no hard facts.

We relish, when we find an older carbon dated specimen. It is like a time travel. The question is are you malleable enough, to accept a radically different thought than you have so far believed (or led to believe) OR you prefer to bury your finding and let the earth be at peace.

I do not believe in a grapevine that suggests the centuries that built The intelligence such as Vedas, could not develop a script to write it down.
I believe that the ancient way of passing knowledge by word of mouth, allowed ambiguity. Perhaps Vedas were passed verbally for a reason? to suggest improvement/addenda  by intellectuals challenge current theories and embrace better ones?
NOT for strict obedience to pass info without error. This is my hypothesis. Lay down rules and you stick to the dictum.
Einsteins, Edisons thrown out of the class for not 'obeying'. Challenging status quo is as good as a rebellion.

Perhaps, Ambiguity is a chalice that holds everyone in awe and confusion, there is a give and take of ideas between different cultures, experimentation, acceptance and develop a truly high potential lifestyle (continuous refinement of what works in current state).

Perhaps Search for originality/ asking for proof of what was earlier, develops cracks. (This is the  Western scientific research that we all have embraced)
Written scriptures that suggest a "different" truth can cause a holocaust, if unearthed,  if the current belief is different.

This article stops here. It is not complete as Sanatan dharma believes in continuity. It suggests that people talk more and adapt, write less  :) ; avoid being judgmental.
I would search for new stories that show different light, not believe on a single one as my religion. There is a lot more that was historically adopted but I still see room for improvement.