Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Talk but No Walk

I believe I have learned my bit of history through the (aging) and maturing process.
Of actions and reactions.
Politics of subdivision ...imbalance/ religion
Reasons for extremities and intolerance.

I remember I used to be an emotional guy in School.

I am still pretty reactive (artistic temperament) , but I may have learned to walk my talk. I am hence as majority observes; a silent guy when I do not talk or do not walk.
I recollect my old times when I used to train on Parvati -Ambegaon (Taljai route).
When I was back at Parvati after my cross terrain run, a group of Old guys used to talk about Strained US-Russia relations ..International topics or any hot National ones and the talk was always opinionated.
I used to keep an ear to such talk, as it provided amusement after my run. These guys had zero influence to straighten International relations or National ones, yet the discussions were animate.

I see such talks even now but I prefer to not be party to them. It is just old man talk to me.

I wonder why so much steam is spent on something, that does not yield fruit.

I listened to Mr. Modi's lecture on the Teachers day. I was surprised. I like his approach. No leader had ever touch this imp aspect- Jana Jagran.

We prefer to talk about Politics AND never bother about the wrong stuff we do.

We ourselves create Idols and then find flaws in it and talk endlessly about how misguided we were.
(The problem started when the the idol was created in the first place. There was no attempt better ourselves.)
I studied in Central schools and there were no groups or pockets of friends. It was close bond within most of the class. I got a real shock when I changed to a state school in Pune. All I saw was smaller circles of friends. I lived my life differently and found this groupism as constrained.

In Kendriya Vidyalaya, every child shared friends for 3 years till his dad/mom got transferred. I believe few of your kids go through the same?

I remember, every day the bond between the kids was very strong always knowing that the friendship would last for just 3 years. The parting of a friend was tough affair and few even cried. I have lived my bit of sorrow when such ties got disconnected. (This is life in its true form.)
This is the bond that a child shares with people in different states. It is vital to build a nation. Working in Silos builds cities or states and NEVER a nation. Flexibility is restricted.
Our PM was talking to children from Kendriya Vidyalaya and old memories flooded my mind.I missed my days at KV.

Our PM talked about Japanese kids cleaning toilets. We did it for 3 years at Tata Motors hostel.

I have seen social discipline in Japan. Garbage needs to be sorted to 3 types and I abided during my stay. Come back to India and everything falls apart.
Is it because you alone cannot change when there is much of indiscipline around? You never want to start the change . Do you?

IMO we ought to really work on personal discipline and getting our kids up-to speed with "international" examples and improve daily habits. Spreading positive friend circle across borders.

I would not like our kids to end up on Parvati doing loose talk; about things they can do nothing about. Its absolutely no use fuming or relishing on past .

Political Awareness is good to have, but we should work on, OR talk about, what WE can INDEED change.

Do you walk your talk? If you cannot; why waste words.

I remembered a pic of Japanese kids cleaning toilets and later the same was mentioned by our PM. If you clean up you own mess ..start helping others to clean theirs.

I hope the message was clear enough and not just addressed to school kids.