Friday, June 6, 2014

FREE THE MIND: Key to mastery

“Free the mind” is key in any activity. We discussed about free running.
After I joined sketch and lines India, I noticed that the better artists were Free.
They went beyond rules and I am still not “free” enough. The “freedom” in my art may come from laziness. The lines curves hatches should be more freeform.

I have been testing software for a long time. The best bugs are found when we do not stick to a specified behavior. The User does not read specs. He wants to get work done. And s/he may choose to do it in anyway. The experimentation mode in a software tester needs “free” mind. Remove clutter and biases of a Spec.

Remove clutter and biases? Guidelines? Time? Is it not essential to focus on Goal?

The Goal is to release a high potential software. There is a Guided way. (To do things in stipulated time). It does not ensure that all is well. It only ensures that Scheduled tasks are executed in given time and related issues are fixed. The unguided way i.e. software bashes, result in Unpredictable defects in lesser time. It is always a heart-burn for those who like the guided way.

People working with rules hate/ridicule people working free of rules. Maybe they covet them for their findings or sense of freedom. (In QA lingo, They Term the ‘findings’ as Negative defects, ‘Freedom’ as Indiscipline).

On the other hand people working free of rules disregard those who follow rules, as the final aim is set in the mind. There is no hatred, but just a small pain and wish, “I wish they knew, what it is to be FREE”.

Lot of us “go by the book”. Studious types. You go by the book and you cannot go wrong. Stick to the rules and you can always cling to them and point at them when things go bad.
Doing so they embrace a set cult. Do they fear freedom as it means bear the consequences? What if the cult is built through propaganda?

Just like my Shod friend, I think and say to myself, “Let go the poor feet. Only then you will know what you are missing.”

I am setting this as a “life event” as I realized it this week. Running, Art or work..
To be better in any game, the first step is to be free and confident of your action. Make amendments with self-learning. Be Entrepreneurs.