Sunday, June 30, 2013

Running at ungodly hour

Slept at 10:30PM .Woke up at 1:15AM.

Walked to NIBM post and started the run at 2:40AM. (Jeetu, Nitin and myself). At the Golibar junction, Kingshuk joined us. I have never ran at this ungodly hour. Luckily the street dogs were respectful and barked at us from safe distance.

Here we were, citizens of Pune, each from different state joined forces for their purely selfish motive..i.e achieve a 50 km. Jeetu (Rtd. Cmdr, Indian Navy) being the toughest guy and mentor who drives us towards our goal.
The idea is to run from NIBM to Hinjewadi (29km) and then join the Pune running Half Marathon and complete the rest 21km with support. (Pune running events have coached me to realise my goals and I was looking forwards to the 50km finish.

A very humid night with gentle cold breeze.
Erandawane Chowk (Mhatre bridge) sometime at 3AM + . I was surprised to see so many youngsters (Boys and Girls)  at the Pohe/Upma stall...Well till I saw a guy puking from his car. Booze!

They watched the 4 insane guys.. myself in Black slacks with Sports shorts pulled over to complete the Superman effect.
We met Police jeeps twice but they did not pay much attention to the Lunatic foursome.
We ran along Law college Senapati Bapat road to University. Then took the straight road to Aundh Hospital.

I was carrying my hydration waistbelt for dire situations.

Light rain started. Before the Ravet junction, Pune running team caught up with us and we had a Banana snack.
Jeetu and Kingshuk sped forth at improved pace with the light drizzle. It was very windy and Nitin was shivering.
I started Brisk walk and run with him.

We finally arrived at the start point of the half marathon..and we had clocked 29+km already. My Ankle pain had increased but I was determined to go on. Nitin was severly hit as he continued to shiver. He planned to stop.

I limped (Long John Silver). I was at the end of the 21 km race. The terrain had climbs and the pace got worse.

When I reached the start point, I decided on not pursuing the 2nd loop.
Listen to the body. Its complaining.
It took me 5hr 15mins probably my slowest run since Auroville.
Jeetu and Kingshuk did the 50km.

MUST Plan for better Hydration support.
I need to be on my feet for more time to reach 50km, with no pain. :)