Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The corporate story

The flock on the beach was fighting it out, to claim remains of the fish.

In a group of seagulls there was young one who felt he was stronger than the rest.
He flew higher, experimented with gulls, his ambition was to lead the flock.
Too many elderly restrictions and he felt things ought to change.

The Leader of the flock, was an old beak, with feathers that had weathered with age. He wanted to keep the gulls together, grow a strong bond, so that they survive longer, together.

He had noticed that this Youth was different. He fancied Dido for his work and attitude.
Dido was sensitive, but he would be more numb with time, perhaps?
He could count on him, so he nurtured him by showing him ways to get fresh fish,with ease.

Dido felt that he was the right leader!
There was no way to get to lead this flock, when there were many good gulls.
So he took a risk.

He left for a different seashore, where some outcasts had gone.
They had lured him to get fresher catch.. Soon he realized the terrain was terrible and he had to prove a lot in newer skills to stand the situation.

No place was better than where he was bred. The new shore sucked.
Other feathers were more competent. Life had been so easy, he wondered why he moved away from his flock.
Dido gathered courage and on his return asked the Old leader, if he could re-join the flock.
Anger/ desperation had made him blind. He forgot all the reasons why he had chosen to leave.

With consideration, the old one saw a possibility. He would have liked to get Dido back.
"Love is blind."

Past experience told him that, it would not be easy on the flock.
Outcasts develop cracks. What about the promises to few oldies who had stayed and were proving their mettle?
How would they treat Dido. Would it be a repeat of past, whence one had joined and few others left.

The gain was worth it in old days, but with time his flock was stronger.
He did see a possibility, which might ease out the strain and not impact others who had proven their devotion. Yet, it was a gamble, and he counted on the maturity of the young one and felt that birds of one feather would fly together.

Dido came back, with more promise.
Survival instinct! He would have to prove himself again, to get to a level of more seniority. He would need to get more visibility than just an old position he was promised.

Dido's comeback was not easy, as expected. His peers hated the old Gull. Was this NOT favoritism?
Why should the young outcast get more fish, just because he got the same elsewhere?

The flock dwindled as few flew away at lost hope.
Some had given their own share of work like establishing teams for populating and expanding in shores, elsewhere. They had never considered Dido, as a threat till late.

They still bred on the same share of fish that they did in past, while Dido feasted had bigger share.
Young Dido, trotted around, found few weaker ones and with the support of the old one, got their share of responsibility. He had ability to prove that he was better.
He was happy within his own small world that ambition got him more, than those who did not deserve it.

More flock left. They could have easily poached on the weaker ones, but some ties didn't make them snatch.
Dido felt that it was just their "weakness".

Older gulls watched and felt they should have given the right guidance to their leader. They had always felt that Dido was capable in so many ways of creating more gaps, and they had overlooked the impact. They repented their decision.

The old one knew that the flock was disintegrating and his leadership was in question. He would have to move to an environment on a far away land. Perhaps the young one would help him to develop a new breed.

With a more 'matured' flock, it was bound to happen. It was always a part of his plan.

There was always a place to rule if you had the 'right' gulls.
With a flap of the wing he rose to a higher horizon.
The winds were indeed blowing towards the new land and it was time to migrate, before the winter set in.